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As a lone space marine standing in the way of the forces of Hell, revisit the franchise that ushered in the FPS revolution, DOOM. Going back to the beginning, this much awaited PS4 release (originally called DOOM 4) comes with all new weapons, gameplay, multiplayer modes, and villains that will try to annihilate you piece by piece.


A Union Aerospace Corporation facility on Mars has been invaded by the forces of Hell and demons constructed through corrupt experiments. The game starts as the Doomguy wakes up in a UAC bunker on Mars. What awaits him are hordes of demons, classic and new. The antagonist of the game, Dr. Olivia Pierce allowed this to happen. Now it's up to one Marine to defend the land.


There are six multiplayer online modes in the newest Doom game. You can harvest souls, freeze your enemies and thaw your friends, or capture territory. The Deathmatch mode is exactly what it seems. The shared maps that take you to mining outposts, caverns, ice caps or even industrial facilities. Each place has some allies and tons of enemies. In the single player Campaign mode, ensure you keep your stash of health packs ready. There is no taking cover or stopping to regenerate health, always ready for arena style combat. Lastly, the DOOM SnapMap is an easy to use editor that allows for limitless gameplay experiences. Published by Bethesda Softworks, Doom for PS4 helps you combine your personal blend of skill with powerful weapons, vertical movement, and unique power ups that allow you to play as the demon.

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