Just Gold Makeup Kit - Set of 111 Piece, JG229

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Impress everyone with your stunning makeup by using this Just Gold Makeup Kit. Featuring various shades, this 111 piece set will help you create a new look every day, and also makes an excellent gifting option. This all in one set has everything you need to stay neat, spruce, and dandified all through the day. The panels smoothly slide in and out, making it simple to locate and access what you want. This comprehensive makeup set comes incorporated with various cosmetics, including forty eight eye shadows, fourteen blushes, ten cream lip glosses, four compact powders, and lots more, that help you set the tone for your next big party.



48 x Eye Shadows

14 x Blushes

10 x Cream Lip Glosses

6 x Lipsticks

4 x Compact Powders

4 x Nail Polish

3 x Eye Pencils

2 x Lip Pencils

2 x Lipstick Pencils

2 x Glitters

1 x Foundation

1 x Mascara

1 x Eyeliner

1 x Lip Gloss

1 x Black Kajal

4 x Applicators

4 x Blush Brush

1 x Brush Set

1 x Applicator Set

1 x Sharpener



The kit comprises of forty eight eye shadows, fourteen blushes, ten cream lip glosses, four compact powders, four nail polishes, three eye pencils, two lip pencils, two lipstick pencils, two glitters, along with foundation, mascara, eyeliner, lip gloss, and black kajal. The various applicators included help you apply the makeup evenly and accurately. All of this, and much more make this makeup set a must have accessory for today's fashion conscious woman.


This makeup box set incorporates four applicators and four blush brushes that help blend your makeup evenly. Plus, this set also comes along with a sharpener that can be used for the included eye pencils and lip pencils alike. Now everything you need is at arms length and getting that stunning look in a jiffy is no problem at all.

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